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Pyro Help

Why can’t I find my music?

Some or all of the music on your iOS device may have copy protection and is not being displayed when using Pyro.

  1. Disable iCloud Music Library on your iOS device (Settings > Music)
  2. Close and restart iTunes on your computer
  3. Connect your iOS device and initiate iTunes syncing

Apple adds copy protection (also known as DRM or Digital Rights Management) to some iCloud Music tracks and once copy-protected in this way these tracks can only be played in Apple Music / iTunes. This includes songs from the Apple Music streaming service, even if these tracks are downloaded to your iOS device. Learn more about DRM here.

How can I save Mobile Data?

Stream lower quality tracks in Pyro in order to conserve data when on a mobile network.

  1. Open Pyro and from the main player screen and swipe down to show options
  2. Tap to open "Settings"
  3. Turn on the "Conserve mobile data" option

Or you can turn off Data usage entirely by following these steps:

  1. From the home screen on your phone tap to open settings
  2. From the Settings menu tap Cellular (in some regions "Mobile Data")
  3. Tap the switch to turn off "Cellular Data" (in some regions "Mobile Data")

Alternatively, if you would like to disable data usage just for Pyro, you can scroll down in the cellular section and disable data usage for specific apps (iOS9 and above only).

Where can I find some great playlists to get started?

Need some music quick? Listen to exclusive Pyro playlists handpicked by tastemakers from around the globe.

  1. Open Pyro and tap the "+" button
  2. Tap "Heat" to see a range of playlists that are updated regularly
  3. Pick a playlist and add some or all of the tracks for an instant killer playlist!
How can I use Pyro to find new music?

Use Pyro’s discovery settings to easily find new music that fits your tastes.

  1. Open Pyro and from the main player screen swipe down to show options
  2. Tap to open "Settings"
  3. Turn on "Discover New Music"

Now when your playlist runs out you will hear similar music from the entire Spotify catalogue. If you only want to hear your own saved music turn this option off and Pyro will automatically pick music from your own library once a playlist has finished.

Where can I find music that has already played?

Revisit a great mix or replay one of Pyro's song suggestions with the History function.

  1. Open Pyro and from the main player screen swipe down to show options
  2. Tap "History" to view a list of all the previously played tracks
  3. From the History screen there are options to add tracks to your current queue or save a playlist to listen to again later.
How do I listen to playlists from Spotify and iTunes?

Use Pyro to play your favorite music and listen to playlists you have already created in Spotify and iTunes.

  1. Open Pyro and tap the "+" button
  2. Tap the Library icon in the bottom right hand corner to select your iTunes or your Spotify library
  3. Tap the Playlists icon in the bottom left hand corner to view your existing playlists and add them to the play queue

Pyro can play music from both your iTunes and Premium Spotify account at once. Swap between both libraries and add all your favorites.

How do I move tracks around the playlist?

Add some music to your playlist and try the following actions out:

  1. Find a track you would like to move, Touch and hold a track then nudge it to the left or right. Now you can drag it around the playlist however you like. Drop it in the playing area at the top of the screen if you want it to play right away.
  2. Find a track you would like to hear next, flick the track all the way to the right and it will jump to the top of the queue.
  3. Decided you want to delete a track? Flick a track to the left to remove a track from the play queue.
What is song tempo?

Tempo is a measure of the speed of a song. Generally it is displayed in BPM (beats per minute). Tempo is related to the speed at which you nod your head or tap your foot to a song. It is part of what DJ’s use to find tracks that will mix together and Pyro uses it as well.

  1. Open Pyro and from the main player screen and swipe down to show options.
  2. Tap to open "Settings"
  3. Turn on the "Show song tempo"

Once a track in the play queue is analyzed there will be a number listed next to the track title. This number is the tempo of the track measured in beats per minute. Use these numbers to make a playlist that mixes really well. Songs with similar BPM’s will mix perfectly. If the BPM difference is too great the tracks will echo out. Use this knowledge to create your own custom playlists or select "Mix Up" from the swipe down menu to put the tracks in a mixable order.

How does Pyro Favorites work?

Discovered amazing new music while using Pyro? Save them to a playlist on your Spotify account using the "Pyro Favorites" feature.

  1. When a track is playing that you wish to save tap the "" icon in the main player
  2. To access your favourites again, tap the "+" button
  3. Tap the Playlists icon in the bottom left hand corner and select "Pyro Favorites" from the list